Discussing about the products and the storage on the pallet shelves

A client is coming - prepare your warehouse

You are waiting for your client and it is time to make preparations such as organizing your industrial metal shelving and the other types of metal shelves, tidying up the warehouse and cleaning the storage units. Well, let’s begin.

First of all, you need to know who is coming. Is he a client or you expect him to cooperate with him in the future? What is his status? It’s very crucial to know who is coming over. Make some questions to yourself.

Identify who is coming

Are these visitors potential customers? Or are they already customers? If they are potential customers then you should highlight the pros of your warehouse and the staff you use. Things like your location, the cleanliness, your drive-in racking systems, your multiple level shelves, your light and medium load metal racks and mezzanines should be mentioned. Make them feel like their products will be safe and organized. If they are already customers, remind them why they chose you. Keep your warehouse shelves in order.

Are you talking to the boss or someone else? Is he from Cyprus or somewhere else? Depending on who is coming the subject of discussion and focus points will be different. Make sure to promote the right thing to the right people.

Prepare everything to have the right discussion with the right client.

Clean everything

Your entire warehouse must be cleaned and organized. Don’t give them any reason to oppose you. Place your pallets on the pallet racking shelves, keep your light and medium load metal shelves with the right products.

Be professional

Your employees must wear the proper suits for the work they do. You need to make them clear that you follow the safety rules they apply in Cyprus.

Ask for their opinion

Try to get some feedback about your warehouse, your metal shelving systems and the way you organize your products on the metal shelves. Also, ask them if they found useful what you showed them. If there is anything else they would like to see.

Do you need more metal shelves before the visit of your clients? We can provide you all over Cyprus, quickly and with ease.