Metal Lockers and Metal Cabinets made in Cyprus

Lockers and Cabinets


Α Locker is a small, rectangular or square storage compartment. They can be found in a variety of public and private spaces, such as locker rooms, schools, transport, workplaces, beaches, etc. Here in Cyprus, size, type of security and materials vary depending on how they are used. Lockers are usually physically connected to one another, side by side, and/or one above the other.

Examples / Ways of use:

Workers use the lockers to protect their personal items. They have their clothes, their mobile phones, and more.
In some schools, students also use these lockers to store clothes and books. Some schools provide their students with books. Some books are transferred to their homes and other books are kept in the lockers.


A Cabinet is also a rectangular or square storage compartment. They can also be found in various places, such as schools, workplaces, homes, etc. In Cyprus, the size, type of security offered, materials and size vary according to how they are used.

Examples / Way of practice:

Company managers have cabinets in their offices. They store their books and business guides.
School headmasters have cabinets in their offices. They usually keep files in, related to students, lessons, etc.

Lockers and Cabinets as storage compartments

Both lockers and Cabinets are being used every day. People store things inside these compartments for their convenient. They keep their things safe and can be designed in different ways according to the way of use.

Nowadays, people tend to use lockers and cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes etc. The reason they do this is because these storage compartments are very convenient and they have a nice design.

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