metal shelves in cyprus

Managing a Warehouse with Increasing Traffic

While business growth is more often than not accompanied by an increase in revenue, in many cases it also becomes difficult to stay on top of things and successfully steer your company clear of disasters.

You thought you were prepared

Despite already investing in the best racking systems and owning the best metal shelves in Cyprus, you might find yourself struggling to keep up with demand and maintain an organized and functional warehouse that is operating in maximum efficiency at all times.

It is true that everything begins and ends with the structure and the wide variety of pallets, racks, and shelves you will utilize, but here are a few extra tips and suggested approaches to help you out:

Make sure your inventory is up to date

A quality selection of metal shelves will allow your employees to move quickly and safely between your rows. Fast movement equals efficient inventory checks and a firm grasp on the rate at which your racks empty or unclaimed goods accumulate. This way, you can make sure your customers always have accurate information about your stock and your offerings.

Optimize the picking process

When you started off there were only a few people and the order frequency might have been so slow they were leaning against your metal shelves half the day. But now that you are all making a run for it you realize certain things were overlooked and should be reworked. Pause to rethink what’s the most efficient way to gather everything from the endless rows of metal shelving and deliver to your clients in a heartbeat, all across Cyprus.

Redesign it all

One of the most extreme options but often one of the most impactful, is a complete renovation of your warehouse layout in Cyprus. Browse the catalogue, select new metal shelves, reorganize your pallet racking, and restructure everything to hold more, with Alex Shelves ensuring the perfect balance between price, safety, space, and build quality.