Metal Shelving Systems and Workplaces

Metal Shelving Systems for Different Workplaces

There are many different types of shelving you can find to fit your needs. We are certain that our website will give you the answers you want.

Here we’ve got some workplaces that generally need different kinds of metal shelves and inform you how they use them.

Metal shelves for Medical Storage

Pharmacies and hospitals needs the safest storage system possible in the Cyprus market. The storage of Medical supplies has strict standards all over Cyprus. These standards are all about safety and hygiene. Metal shelving with these standards are made specifically for this sector in order to keep away the germs and protect their sterilized medical equipment.

Metal shelves in Restaurants

Restaurants have to keep everything germ free and sterile. Also, the proper food storage is crucial for keeping your supplies, and in retrospect, your guests, safe. You also need to make sure you follow the safety guidelines and your HACCP plan. Metal shelves are the best solution for restaurants and fast food companies to store their products and ingredients in a number of different environments, from cold storage to the kitchen itself to the dishwashing area. They are very convenient.

Metal shelves for industries and Factories

Industries and factories have to deal with heavy inventory, bulky products and similar situations. Metal shelves are designed to hold greater weight amounts than many other shelving options and they can provide long-term storage for heavy tools or parts as well as keeping needed supplies safe.

Shelves in Auto Mechanics

Auto mechanic shops have a lot of heavy hand tools and supplies they need to keep around, which metal shelves can handle with ease. They may even use shelving systems or metal shelves for smaller tools and accessories.

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