Store Shelves and display shelves

Plan and display your products with shop shelves and display stands

Product display planning

Product Display and product display planning takes a lot of time to design and should be based on floor layouts and the way you place your metal shop shelves. You can read about the layout of the floor and space between the shelving system. The product display must be designed in a specific way. If done properly, then this can lead to increased sales and decreased stock.

Below we have 6 tips for displaying your products in Cyprus.

1. Place the most consumable products at the back of the store

Place products, such as milk and toilet paper, to the metal display stands at the back of the store. This will force consumers to reach the end of the corridor. Logically, along the way, they will get other products from the metal display stands, the metal shelves and the metal shop shelves that are around.

2. Highlight the route to the back of the store with high-profit products

Place products on the floor and metal display stands, until the end of the corridor. At the end of the corridor place high consumable products to the shelves.

3. Place seasonal goods and high-profit products at the front of the store

Depending on the season, place the seasonal products using the metal shop shelves and metal display stands at the front of the store. Do not get consumers to search every time for the seasonal products. Some people may not even look. You do not want to stay with seasonal products that have an expiration date. You may eventually have to throw them away.

If you do not have seasonal products, then you can place on the metal shelves high profit products (candies, chocolates, etc.)

4. Separate your products into categories

Categorize your products. Use your metal shop shelves correctly. Try not to tire the customer because he will stop looking for what he wants and he will go somewhere that he knows where find it. Place to each rack homogeneous products.

5. Your customers usually turn right when they enter the shop

The right part of the shop is the most common place consumers get after entering the store. Place products that are quite consumable and have a high value, on the metal shop shelves and metal display stands, to the right side of the store.

6. Never place products that can be stolen easily at the back of the store

The back of the shop is the most common place for theft. Do not put high value products on metal shop shelves in the back because they are easy to steal. Also think that it would be good to have cameras at that point.

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